Custom 100% Cotton Denim Jeans, Low Waist

Custom 100% Cotton Denim Jeans, Low Waist

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Get the perfect fit with our made to order jeans sized to your exact dimensions. 

 Measuring Guide 


Stand in front of the mirror with your heels together. Measure around the fullest part of your hips by positioning the tape measure close to the body without tightening


Measure the circumference at the place where you will actually wear your jeans. Your waist measurement will be the entire circumference of the area where your jeans will rest. So if you want a low, mid or high waist jeans you will measure the low, mid or high waist circumference and not your natural waist.


Measure the length from the inside of your crotch area to your heel.


First take the waist line taken for measuring your waist (calculated above) as the base. Measure the side of your leg from the waistline. Keep the tape parallel to your leg and let it flow free to the floor. This will be the outer length of your jeans. You can take this measurement either bare footed or wearing your shoes depending on your preference.